Guaranteed and secure return

  • The lowest and guaranteed annual interest is 8%
  • We do Property Rent2Buy and Lease services
  • We purchase and own the Property and then sign a Lease contract with our customer
  • Contract duration is 24 – 120 months
  • We carry out contracts via – Rent2Buy & Property lease platform
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Currently our investors are offered a guaranteed 8% annual return, calculated from the working capital (invested to properties) within 24-60 months period . There is a possibility to increase return. Fill up the request form below and we’ll tell you how we do this.


There are options for gradual capital return starting from the first months of the contract or reinvestment of returning funds + interest on new contracts. The average duration of a leasing contract is 30 months. Minimum duration – 12 months, maximum – 120 months.


All Properties are under our ownership and could be mortgaged if required. An initial customer contribution of 5-15% is applied to ensure the value of the property. The contributions paid by the customer in case of failure are used to cover losses and value differences.

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